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The Conscious Breath Experience

This Life Force Mastery program teaches how to empower your breathing through optimal, conscious and synchronous brea...

$98.00 USD

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8-Week Life Force Mastery Blastoff

The fast-track to empowering your Life Force is here! This LIVE 8-Week Class includes group & private sessions a...

$1,997.00 USD

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The Master Breath Mastermind

Masterminds have often been woven together in the name of Mastering business.  When was the last time you though...

$4,997.00 USD

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Ancient Practices, Life-Proven Techniques & Research-Proven Exercises

Reach New Heights in Your Transformation

There is nothing that has as much access to all parts of you, like the power of your own breathing.

We Train Superheroes

Our global conscious breathing community of amazing people is growing with you in it. We welcome you to the Omnibreath Family.

Mobile Equipped Classes

You can enjoy all of our classes from any mobile device or tablet.

Celebrate Bringing Out Your Greatness

You came to Earth to express your greatest gifts and our Life Force Mastery programs will help you do just that.

Self-Love, Self-Power & Self- Knowledge

When these 3 facets of life are empowered, you begin to feel your limitless potential.

You Are Made of Energy. Let's Inspire it!

The great power of inspiration turns into a constant pulse of creativity when backed with breath. This creates Supeherheroes.